Securing the lifeline of our most vulnerable patients


Novonate is committed to designing products that solve problems in neonatal care.


We developed LifeBubble, a device that revolutionizes umbilical catheter protection and securement to improve safety for neonates in the intensive care setting.

The Team

Eric Chehab, PhD
Marisa Borja, BS
R&D Manager
Eric Kramer, PhD
QA Manager
Jennifer Beaver, MSN, RN, CNL
Clinical Support and Education Specialist
Sandi Del Balso, BS
Quality System Specialist
Marlo Kohn, MS
Engineering Consultant
Lauren Wood, MD
Clinical Consultant
Janene Fuerch, MD
Consulting Medical Director
James Wall, MD
Clinical Advisor &
Member Board of Dir.
Ross Venook, PhD
Engineering Advisor
Bill Rhine, MD
Clinical Advisor

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